About us

About Us

IPAT is non-profit organizations which agree with the purpose of the International play Association, found the Taiwan branch in 2019.

IPAT’s purpose is to promote and enhance the health, education for all ages of children and families and support the Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. In addition, IPAT is committed to enhancing interpersonal interaction, developing leisure time utilisation and play learning programs, and focusing on improving and providing a play environment, developing recreational gear, playthings, and games. It provides an international forum platform to promote the rights and opportunities for all children, youth, and seniors.

Board of directors

Chang, ShihTsung
Christine Lee
Kathy Wong
Shih, HsuanMi
Wu, ChunJen
Wang, DingMing
Wu, WangRu
Chief Secretary
Lin, ShihChung
Executive Director
Chen, LeeChen
WhangZong Ben wu
Chen, ShuFang
Chiang, IHsin
Hong, SinFu
Huang, TsungChao
Tsai, YenChih
Wang, ChenChuan

Executive Supervisor
Liang, GuoDong
Lin, ShihChen
Wang, PiHsia
(In alphabetical order)